Snail and Lettucea fairy tale

Not long after Don’s father died, his mother married a man with two sons. The newlyweds then went out of town on an extended business trip, leaving the home to the three boys. The two brothers were both older than Don, and nastier than a hyena with a bowel obstruction. They completely took over, and banished Don to live by the hearth in the kitchen. He got very sooty, and they called him “Cinderfella.”
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Sheet White

Embroiderya fairy tale

Once upon a time there was a queen who had no children, despite many years of living a typically child-producing lifestyle. One day, as she sat doing her embroidery, she saw through her window the maids hanging the palace linens out to dry. They were as white as a sheet. Thus distracted, she pricked her finger. Her red blood flowed onto her embroidery and dried a rusty brown.

“If only I could have a daughter with skin as white as a sheet, and with eyes as brown as this stain,” she sighed.
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